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Finally here on the island!

It's hot and humid, but not as bad as Bangkok.

Written on March 5....
Well, let's begin witha last one from HK: a pic of Bruce Lee's statue.
It had to be here!
Ok, now about Thailand. Bangkok is a big city (big in the sense of large and spread out, not in the sense of very developped!!) and I visited a little, but couldn't wait to come here to Ko Phagan (many spelling of this place are available, just like almost anything in Thai, I read somewhere that they spell by sound, so many spelling of same words are acceptable, as long as it sounds right! hehehe, I think it's funny!) Anyway, the island is pretty big and I'm staying with my cousin for a few weeks. Here 's her house:
And a view from her balcony. It's quite a nice house, with 2 bedrooms, and nice western toilet (I'll take a pic of the type of toilet we often get here, and believe me, western is good!).
And yes yes, the super powerful hot rod that you see underneath the house is mine for 2 weeks (rental) it's a 125cc standard motorbike (I rented it and learned to drive it a few hours ago). It's quite funa nd I can't keep myself from smiling when I'm driving it, which has already resulted in the swallowing a few dugs (one actually got caught in my front teeth, like in the movies!!! hehehe, yuk!)
So I plan on staying on this Island for approx 1 month, 2 weeks with Rafale and 2 weeks in other parts of the island, on resorts/hostels.
Here are a few pics of beach scenery:
Beach.jpg Sunset_on_the_beach.jpg
Quite nice indeed. The water is super warm, but the beaches I've been to so far are quite shallow (like water to my kneew for several hundred meters).
The trip to get here was quite long, starting with a 10 hour bus ride, followed by a 4 hour boat ride. I took a few pics of other boats while on our boat
Other than that, life is pretty quiet here, and it seems that it's going to be that way while I'm at Rafale's. The rest of the island however is party central, populated mostly by young tourists who are here to party and roast/burn on the beaches. I'll join them at some point, but for now, I'm about to start the "tantric yoga" Rafale has been raving about (classes start tomorrow, 6 days a week, but I sing up on a day-to-day basis, so we'll see how it goes!). I look forward to it, as it's certain to be very different from anything I've ever done, and anything with the word "tantric" in it is bound to be interesting! hehehe
Ok, the site is getting very slow, so I'll start a 2nd entry for the rest of the pics...

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