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Written on March 14…
Today was both great and shitty.
It started on a low note when I found out that I wasn’t accepted at McGill because my grades weren’t high enough (it’s true that I only have a B+ average…). Oh well, I really only wanted to go there for the name and to potentially eventually transfer into their law program. That won’t happen anymore! As I say, they really don’t want me there, so F them! A (normally very classy) friend said "F the F'in F'ers", I like it! hehehe
I’ll give my money to another institution. I just have to decide between Concordia and SFU now….I’m leaning toward Concordia, mostly for financial reasons (because I’m from Qc, tuition is half than in BC, not to mention cost of living in MTL vs Vancouver…) but if you have any comments or input, please feel free. I always like to hear different perspectives on things. My mom's BF suggested to do a degree in law in Qc, then either in english canada or they have a master's at a U in Mtl in common law....arrgghh, so many options. I'm thorn between business (which I know) and law (of which I want the lifestyle)....


So I moved on with my day and went to visit a temple/monastery and met this great monk who “spoke English”. It all started when I saw 3 guys walking out of a building adjacent to the structure on this picture Temple_-_W..ao_Noi1.jpg
One guy told me they had just prayed with a monk, looked at pictures, and received, and I quote, “some memobirilia”. He looked kinda stunned and amused. Right then, this monk came out and told them that he’d take their picture in front of that same structure. He told me to go in the building they had all came out of, and he went to take the guys pic. So I waited and looked at them, then I followed him into the monastery. He made me sit with him in front of the Buddha and pray while he prayed and use what liked like sort of a broom to spray some water on me (similar to how the priest does it with the holy water – but with A LOT more water! hehehe). After that he suggested to take a pic of my “praying” and them of him. The one of me just looks silly, so here is the one of him. Pra_Somchai_praying.jpg
He then brought me to another part of the building (it’s a small building), which was clearly his living space (bed, TV, desk…) He offered me coffee or tea, had some coffee and a cigarette (didn’t expect that!) and handed me several picture albums of different people that had come to the temple, some got married there, others, most, were just visiting like me. Other albums were of him and random people in different places in Europe, where he had visited people he had met at the temple. hehehe, it was funny and totally unexpected of a monk (or at least of my idea of a monk) . He then opened a drawer and took some bright string and measured my wrist and proceeded to cut the string, cut it in his hands, bring them in prayer position and pray for at least a good minute, mostly in silence, then with words, then with the English version (!). He prayed for luck, no accidents, happiness, money, joy, and a good life. Nice! We talked a little more and he pulled out of another drawer 2 pendants or Buddha and asked me which one I wanted, I chose one and he prayed on it too then put it around me neck. The pendant itself is super cool, but the string is the same brightly coloured as the bracelet (not exactly fancy! Hehehe). Anyway, he makes those and gives them to people like me who visit. He then asked me for a donation (I totally didn’t see it coming but should of). I only had 45Bath on me (30 = 1$), so I felt bad, and his face didn’t seem too impressed, but I hadn’t brought any real money with me as I was just coming back from a beach… So anyway, he asked me to send him a picture of me, either just like that or the one he had taken in the temple (for his album I assume) and took our A BUSINESS CARD!!!! Hehehe! Something else I wasn’t expecting!!! Anyway, he’s been at this monastery for 20 years and to answer my question of what had made him become a monk, he said because it was easy! Hehehe That was an overall quite good experience and great memory.
Here are a few pics of this temple:
This Buddha is actually 300yrs old.

Later in the day I went to a herbal sauna at another monastery and that was great. It felt so healthy and serene, and it was a place actually frequented by Thais!!! (believe it or not, it’s not that easy to find here). When I was getting dressed back up (aka putting clothes over my bathing suit) a tall white guy asked me for the time. We ended up chatting very briefly and he’s from Alberta, living in Victoria, just finished University and sort of taking a break before “starting life”. Hmmmm! Sounds good to me. He’s heading up to Laos for a month, then back here in Thailand for another month, etc. Kinda like my plan (not exactly, but close enough). So stupid me, instead of trying to find out more about him (even though I’m interested!!!) I just sort of wish him luck and start taking off. He says that maybe we’ll meet again, I say “yeah” and I LEAVE!!!! Why you ask? I ask too!!! No freaking idea and now I’m beating myself up. This could easily have ended up as a travel buddy for a while (so far I’ve only hung out with people for a day or two), not to mention potential man!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrgghhhh! Stupid stupid stupid!!! Anyway, I guess “if it was meant to be” we’ll meet again….I'm not very convinced….I don’t even know his name!!! So, from the high fo the sauna to the low of the…letting the potential man of my life go (ok, I might be dramatizing a little here, but you get the point!)
So that’s that for now.

Aftet that I went to get some food at a local market and I had, for the first time, a curry as eaten by locals (they have these food stands with curries already made, people buy then and bring them home to eat or something.) I'm not kidding, I though my ears were going to start bleeding! hehehe, IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT (spicy) it's uneblievable. My mouth hurt, my head hurt, even my fingers hurt!!! I only had a few bites and had to admit defeat. hehehe, my mouth actually hurt for almost 1 hour after that (that is after having some bread and ice cream to try to make it go away!) hehehe

Final story, you remember Killer (the massive spider that was on the wall) , here's a pic of her:
What you see at the bottom is the corner of the door. It was freaking big. So anyway, we lived with ehr for 2 full days (she really stayed still during the day, moving only at night). On the 3rd day, I walked in my room and there she was. That was it, Killer had to die! We ended up trapping her under a bowl and realeasing her outside (which is much better than trying to squish her under a show (eeeeww I'm just thingink of the juice that would have come out of her....) Anyway, all is good and peace is restored.

Sorry for the long blogs, but I won't really post again until I leave this town for another part of the island (can you say paaarrrttyy time!), so here you go, that should give you almost a week of peace and quiet from me!

To conclude, a couple pics from the beach again...just because!


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