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Written on March 22...
Alright, it's been a while since the last post. I went from my cousin's to a place called "The Sanctuary" which is a resort on a secluded beach - you have to take a boaty to get there) where people go to do healty stuff (yoga, fasting, colonics - this is a cleaning of your colong through the insertion of a tube with a mixed liquid that apparently dislodges shit...hehehe no pun intended, but litterally!)
Once there, I went to 1 yoga session (at 250B a session, it's a bit out of my reach) and I realized that, although still enjoyable, yoga is better for me when I actually feel stressed. I must say that I haven't really experienced stress since the beginning of this trip, so the benefits weren't as important + I can do yoga with a bunch of westeners at home anytime, so F that.
So anyway, this place was a bit too much for me and/or not enough Thai so I left after a couple of days. On a good note, I was living in the dormitory and got to hang out with some cool travellers (none of us were into any of the "spa/healthy" shit, so we connected there). I ended-up coming back to the actual party central of Ko Pagnan (a town called Haad Rin) with a Canadian girl I had met at the Sanctuary and we booked at the same hotel and hung out, drank to much and met guys (well I did, she wasn't into guys really, but she did meet a girl!) for a couple of days. Nothing really interesting though. I should be careful because my cousin is dating a Israeli guy, but all you (I) met in Haad Rin are Israeli guys wanting to get laid...hehehe, it's not as much fun when it's too easy and/or interesting when the guy is barely taller than 5'7" and bald! hehehe! So I dind't go through with any of it yet (I realize that I have a blockage against meaningless sex with guys that I wouldn't even reccognize in a crowd the following day - so no XXXrated events for me (I wouldn't really tell you about them anyway! hehehe), well maybe 1X...hehehe
Moving on!
A bit on Haad Rin:
It's THE MOST Western place possible. All that you have are bars (with western food, barely any Thai food at all) and shops - all of the above way overpriced. I kinda made a point of not having any Thai food while there because it was more than double what it is anywhere else in Thailand (i.e fried rice with veggies: anywhere 30 to 50B, there 100-120B!!!!). I had pizza, schnitzels (they do the trick at 3am after several "buckets" -more on those in a minute), fries, Indian food, falafels, "continental breakfast"..you name it!

Anyway, enough about the food. The buckets I refer to are actual buckets that kids would used to play in the sand (not here, but you know what I mean), and for 180B (for Thai wisky, more for vodka and whatever), you get the plastic bucket, a 10once of booze, a can of pop, a redbull & ice) We looked at the bottle and it said 80 proof on it, but that's really impossible because we ended up having 3 buckets (between the two of us) and, although quite hammered, at 80% we would have been completely dead... I took a few pics but this computer doesn't reccognize my memory stick, so I'll post them another time.
So anyway! Good times... the concept is that there are bars on then beach and they each play their kind of music (top 40 and techno mostly) and they have chairs and stuff on the beach to hang out on and people that do juggling with fire and stuff. Quite a good time - for a day or two. I couldn't have gone though this for an extended period of time + I have a fundamental problem with going to another country and not trying to live like them and learn about the culture and stuff. Haad Rin is not the place for that at all!
So, with a few days to kill before and "intro to meditation" followed by a "Tantra" workshop back at the yoga school my cousin is so into, I decided to go to Ko Samui, a neighbour island. I just got here a couple of hours ago and it feels good. This island is also super touristic, but I'm on a beach that's not too bad + it's only for 3-4 days).
I expect to write a bit more over the next few days, now that I'm back in the land of "1B a minute" Internet (as opposed to 3B at the Sanctuary and 2B anywhere in Haad Rin - rip off!!!)

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