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Final installement of the "You've got pics" trilogy

Hang in there! We're almost done!


alright, where was I...

This man is selling salted eggs. These are sold quite commonly here, but I haven't tried them yet..for one, I'm not a super big fan of eggs, and they don't sell them in just 1, they are 3-4 eggs on a stick...It's seems to me that they are bard boiled, but on a stick on the BBQ... not too sure how that works. I'll make sure to try them on a day where I feel adventurous and let you know.
I was aiming to take a pic from him from behind, but he turned to cross the street as I was taking it...he didn't seem too too happy about me taking a pic of him...unfortunately, because i think it's a good one...

Alright, 3 random pics on this last strech:

A picture of the buckets I was referring to in a previous (recent) entry.
These are not the exact kind we drank (the label was yellow on ours). I was told "way back when" by an american guy I hung out with in Bangkok that the Thais have 2 kinds of wisky, the cheap - which gives you the worst hangover - and the good -which doesn't.
On that night, they were selling buckets for 120B (white label) and 180B (yellow label). Based on my conversaiton with the American, we chose to splurge and spend 2$ more on each bucket. I must admit it worked, as I was only very midly hung over on both following mornings.
The concert with the band was at a bar, so I was somewhat obliged to drink a little (twist my arm!), so I had Sang Som (I think it's the right spelling) (aka "the cheap one") and coke at the bar. I only had 3 drinks (not buckets, far from!) and wasn't even drunk, but felt hung over the following day. Lesson of the story, I think the American was right!

This is a pic of a water buffalo, taken on Ko Samui. They are pretty much everywhere there (once you get away from the tourist centres, and into a bit more of the farming areas -generally 1 per farm). Anyway, every night, farmers bring them to the beach for a little swim/rinse. It was cool too see, but also a bit sad, as they have a big wooden ring through their nose and that's how the farmers pull/turn/stop them... ouch! They also have water buffalo fights, where far from the Spanish buffalo fights, the Thais decorate their animal and the fight consists of 2 animals butting heads. One loses when he turns to it's side or runs away. No blod is generally involved but Thais really get into it!

To conclude, here is a pic of the toilets I was talking about. Not too inviting isn't it? Guess which way you are supposed to crouch on there? It took my a few tries, hehehe... Fortunately, I haven't had to poo in one of these yet (and I honestly hope I never have to!!!)
Toilet paper is a rarity here (except in tourist resorts), and I make a point of always having some, or kleenexes, in my purse!!! hehehe

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