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Written on March 31...
Well, I moved to the best, or what seemed the best until last night (more info soon), place ever. A picture being worth a thousand words, here we go:

The view of the resort, there are only 8-9 bungalows, I'm the very first to the left (partially cut from the pic)

Then, the best part:
View from my hammock, from the left to the right;

A bit of explanation. I don't know why, but this bungalow was not renovated when they re-did the whole resort a few years ago. As a result, it's the cheapest (200B/night = approx $6), and for some reason it's right on the beach...I'm not complaining.
Just so you can fell a bit better, here is the inside
and the bathroom
Fairly dingy indeed, but my standards are very low these days.
The toilet is at the very bottom left (you can't really see it, and the shower head is hooked at the ceiling right beside it. It's a western toilet (I wouldn't have taken it otherwise!!) Random info: Even western toilets don't generally have a flushing system here (in fact, I've only seen it once or twice). Instead, each bathroom has a water bucket with a bowl and you take some of that water and dump it in the toilet to flush...It works well enough and certainly saves a TON of water. In fact, I wonder why we don't have that and the water heating system, in Canada/US. It'd be so much more economical (probably why we don't have it!!). My bathroom only has 1 temperature water (warm during the day (heated by the sun), cooler at night), but more fancy bathrooms (aka my cousin's and anywhere you pay a decent price for a bungalow) have a water heating system, similar to the ones found in Europe (I'm told). Essentially, it's a unit mounted on the wall, that heats the water at the source, right before it's dumped throught he shower head. In other words, no big tank of water to keep warm. Downside: kitchen and bathroom sinks don't have it, only the shower. On a different note: Toilet paper wasn't provided, I had to buy my own! hehehe
End of random info.

So, I've been at this resort for 3 days now, and leaving tomorrow for a house (yay, a fridge!!) that I'll be subletting for a week (during the tantra workshop), then I'm heading back up north to Bangkok and...well the plan isn't exactly fully defined yet.
Even though my bungalow had no screens on the windows (it does have a moskito net over the bed though, but somehow moskitos find their way in!!) (probably from the 1001 cracks and "ventilation" spaces), I was quite happy with this set up. Here are a couple of pics of the sunset, taken from the hammock:

This one is a father and his son going fishing at sunset (once again taken from the hammock, but the following night):

I totally was in love with the place and my place in particular until last night. Because there are no bars on my windows, I sleep with the whole place locked down, except for one of the 2 panels of the window that looks on the beach (for some air) (I lock the one panel that locks and leave the other one wide open, the opening is no winder than 30cm). Life was good as usual until I woke up at 3am with something that went under my bungalow. I though it was a dog, but then I heard a girl shout (not like "help", more like "what the F!?") and then I saw a man leaving from under my bungalow (I saw him from my window) and take off!!!!! I didn't really sleep well for a while after that.
This morning, I heard a girl talking with the neighboors. She had got her bag with camera, IPod, etc (not passport though) stolen last night around 3am. It's probably her I heard. However, it si important to note that she was sleeping with the main door of her (more luxurious) bungalow open (why the heack would one do that!!?!?) and that her bag was nice and available on the floor. So I'm certain to sleep with 1 eye open tonight, will probably not even leave that 1 little panel open tonight, and am kinda glad to be leaving tomorrow morning! It's sooo too bad!

Well, other than that, all is good and I'll give you more news once I start the tantra yoga class on Monday.


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