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I'm happy to be back in Thailand!!!!

yay! (the islands were not it!)

sunny 34 °C

Written on April 10...
Yesterday was Rafale's birthday. I have some pics to post on this, but this PC is acting up, so it'll have to be another time...
So the plan is:
Today, Aliya and I are going to Haad Rin (the bucket place) for a couple of days, then I (maybe we) are heading off to a National park called Kao Sok, which is at the same height as this island, but inland, toward the west coast of Thailand. I read that it 160million years old and is considered to be older than the Amazone. There's obliviously a lot of plants and trees, but also elephants, tigers, monkeys and other crazy "jungle" animals. Hiking is a main attraction, along with elephant trekking and tubing on slow moving crystal clear rivers. I look forward to this very much!
Ultimately, we want to be in Bangkok for the 18th, as a friend of Alyia will meet us there and we'll all head up to Cambodia. I don't know if I'll spend all my time at this national park, or if I'll also visit a few surrounding towns (probably). So anyway, that's the plan!

Written on April 12...
Alright, little bump in the road. Aliya and I stayed at Haad Rin for a couple of nights, it was, all and all, fairly boring to be honest. We are now officially in low tourist season, so Haad Rin was quite empty and..well...drinking is not always that much fun!
In any case, we're done with that. We made the decision to get away form what I call the "cattle herd", which is that almost every tourist buys "all inclusive" trip packages, which take them through the 2 or 3 transporation methods needed to get to a final destination (aka, taxi to boat, boat trip and bus to final destination). It really feel like a herd of animals being loaded and unloaded here and there. Not very pleasant, but certainly easy and convenient.
We kinda did the math and figured out that there was a bit of a premium for the convenience (of course), so, since we were not going very very far, why not just try it on our own. It all started pretty well, taxing a taxi and the boat (saving approx 100B in the process), but when we arrived at Surat Thani (town service almost exclusively as a transportation hub for tourists between Bangkok, and the islands on the East and West coasts), we were quoted 250B per person for a 100B trip to Kao Sok (our final destination). hmmm bummer. We ended up at 180B, bought out ticket, and were told at departure time that the bus was full, sorry to come back tomorrow (last bus departure for the day). At least we got our money back, which is not always a given here! We're not "stuck" in Surat Thani for a night...there is apparently nothing to do here according to Loney Planet! hehehe
We booked at a small hostel, management is very nice (an expat and his Thai wife) and they indicated where to get to a night market. IT IS AWSOME!! There are no other tourists here (no one ever stays for a night, unless "stranded" like us!) The market has all the food we normally see at other night markets (some unidentified meats on sticks, deep fried chicken pieces, yummy- and less yummy- sweets, fruits, corries, and..... fried insects!!! We had many choices there, such as water bugs (kinda like massive cockroaches), silk worms, crikets, and the likes! hmmmmm! I don't think I'll venture THAT far in my desire to learn about local customs and foods! hehehe
So anyway, we went for a 30 min walk and didn't see any other tourists so far! hehehe We got stared at more than anywhere so far on this trip (being both tall white girls is a very probable cause for this).

Tomorrow is Songkran, national holiday, which is marked by people throwing water at each other! hehehe. I'm glad to be out of touristtown for that, as I didn't really feel like having a waterwar with other tourists, but I'm totally in for taking part in a local custom! yay!
And on top of it all. we will be taking a local bus instead of a tourist minibus, payin 70B for the trip and enjoying a bit more of locality! double yay!
So that's that for now!
P.s. Having new problems with the PC and the camera memore card. Pics will have to wait a bit longer. arrgghh!

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