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Written on April 17....

I'm starting to understand the people who read Lonely Plant and go to any place NOT mentioned in there. We've been in Krabi for a bit over a day and are having a great time (there's apparently not much here, coording to LP..they're technically right, but it's part of what makes it nice : less farangs (derogatory word used for tourists by Thais) and more Thais. On that note, yesterday night, walking back from the night market (they all look pretty much the same, but are so fun to go to!, cheap food, new things to try, yay!), so anyway, we were walking back, eating fruit, when we crossed a couple and their approx 2 yrs old daughter. She pointed at me and said "farangs!!!...heeellllo!!" I started laughing and the parents looked embarassed but not much could be done. I mean, the only way she knew that word is if her parents use it! hehehe I think it's like Qc people calling english "blokes" or the Mexicans calling the Americans "gringos"...I think... hehehe, she was so cute and so candid! gotta love kids for that!

Our hotel (yes yes, hotel, not hostel or guesthouse!) had a TV!!! with Satellite!!!!! yay! It's good (and bad) to watch some TV. Indeed, we learned about the horrible killing at Virginia tech...soo horrible, but have also lost a lot of precious time in front of it instead of exploring the surroundings... oh well, we managed to go to a temple called Tiger Temple (it has a Thai name of course but I can't remember it). It's a VERY COOL place with tons of monkeys, a few temples, with, most notably, a big Buddha at the top of the mountain. 1237 steps up to be exact. It's quite the hike!!! What they failed ot mentioned is that some sections (many in fact) are soo steep the steps are actually double the height of a normal step, making it even harder. I took some good pics that I'll download soon. It took us approx 40 minutes to get up, all while sweating super heavily! hehehe All and all, it was very worth it, and our first encounter with monkeys (they're SOOOOOOO cute!!!!)

Well, I think I'll go cure my cold in front of the TV(the first so far on this trip. It's not very bad, but keeps me up at night, so I'm pretty tired!). On top of it, we booked a long day tomorrow of sea kayaking (through caves!!) and elephant trekking! YAY!!!

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