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Pathetic day!!!


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Written on April 23rd....

Arrgghhh! Here WAS the plan:
Check out of our hotel on Ko San road, go get our Cambodia visa (at the Embassy which was supposed to be near Lumpini park, a big park, in another part of town where travellers stay), stay in that area for a night or two - while we get our visa & bus tickets to Cambodia, then head off to the said country.
I stayed in this part of town on my first visit to BKK and really liked Lumpini park. I think I mentioned it in a very early entry; it's where people do aerobics at night throughout the park (music blasting and instructors everywhere - quite a sight - Aliya was quite curious about it). That area of town is also where they have "ping pong shows", in which very skilled women throw ping pongs across the room (clue: not with their arms, feet or head) hehehe, it would have been entertaining for sure! Finally, this part of town also has a big Muay Thai kickboxing stadium - going to a match in the 3rd class "cheap section" - with the hard core "into it" Thai people- is apparently quite fun.

Actual turn out of events:
Check out as planned.
Get dropped off by a taxi (91B ride) at the location of the Embassy.
To find out it's moved completely across town (not where we came from, another across - it's a big town!)
Take another taxi (83B ride, the guy drives off with my 100B bill - nice tip I guess!) to the new location of the Embassy. Happily find out it's near the Laos Embassy (where we plan on going after Cambodia -and we were only going ot get the visa in Phom Phen - so this is good).
Get both visas (only took 3 hours and 3000B - ouch on the $$)
Decide to go back to the Lumpini area for the night anyway.
Pay 141B taxi ride to get there.
Can't find the hotel we were planning on staying at, walk for over 3K ( with out full backpack - mine weights 34kilos - in the blasting heat, sun, pollution, noise of the city) to a YWCA, only to find out it's 1000B/night!!!!! NO WAY !!!! We haven't paid more than 400B/night so far!!
We are now in the middle of big town, only fancy hotels around, no travel agency in sight (to buy our bus ticket to Cambodia), so we decide to come back to the Ko San road area, for simplicity and budget value and just cause we're plain fed up.
It's now about 2:30 in the afternoon. We stop 4 taxis in a row and none will go 'on meter", they all want a flat rate (because of traffic they say). On the 4th, we negociate 150B to Ko San.
So we get back here, 150B later and almost 1 hour in the taxi. The guys is very nice at least and is able to carry somewhat of a conversation, so it's nice. He quotes us 1600B to drive to the Cambodia border!! hehehe, we imagine telling people we cabbed it from BKK to the border hehehe
We decide to check out a few places around (guest houses are one after the other around here), check out 5 places (still with our backpacks on, my shoulders are numb by that point, hehehe!) No place compares in quality/price to the place we stayed at for the past couple of nights, so we decide to go back there. The Thai ladies smile and laugh at us a little (we get laughed at a lot around here, but I actually enjoy it, I sometimes play it up a little - might as well!) and give us the key back to our original room! hehehe!!!
That's the day so far.
We still need to get to a travel agency and get our bus tickets.
To sum up, we blew a crazy $$ on taxi rides, did a big circle around town, and are back to square one (except: +2 visas and -..."I'm scared to add up" Bhats!)
P.S. Rectification: we are now in the year 2550, not 2551.

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