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Written on May 30....

It's lychee season up here and the lychees are the ABSOLUTE BEST I'VE EVER HAD!!! I know I say that to every fruit I eat, but lychee is my favorite fruit!!!
Just like everything else here, they're sold by the kilo, and cost 5-10B/kilo (that's 15-30cents) of pure fruity juicy goodness!!! The "pulp" (eatable part) is sooo tick and good! I don't hink I'll ever be able to eat lychee ever again in Canada...same applies to mangoes and well, I'm afraid fruit in general...
I've had at least 4 kilos already (no kidding!) and just writing about it makes me want to buy another one and eat it on the hammock in the garden of my guesthouse. Done, it'll happen for sure now!
The same applies to restaurants; everything here is served so fresh (i.e upon ordering a fruit shake, or meal of any sort, the owner regularly leaves the restaurant to go get the item in question (from the market near by) which was probably picked the same day, or the day before at the latest...Image that!

On a different note: I'm leaving Pai (which is an overall quite boring town, except for the kickboxing and some yoga) for the town of Mae Han Son, where I plan to spend a couple of days exploring what is called "the heavens of Thailand!" no small title! I ended-up doing only 4 days of kickboxing as it is quite repetitive (obviously, one has to practice until the moves come automatically - but for someone like me who has no plans of ever pursduing any kind of further career, it gets boring!) and a combination of boredom with the moves and what I think might be the beginning of stress fracture sin my feet (from skipping bare feet on concrete) made me cut the training short (still love, and will certainly miss, the intense workout though). Today I decided to take the "day off" and slept in my wonderful wonderful hut until 11:30. It felt great to hear nothing but birds chirping, the breeze and mangoes and coconuts falling on the ground. Ahhhh, sooo great and relaxing!

Aliya will stay here for probably another month, training and she "discovered" yoga today, which she plans to incorporate into the training schedule. I think it's a great idea and will work great for her (it helps that we took a "before" pic of her to do a little "before and after" picture show. It really seems to work as a great incentive for her, and I wish I had done that when I lost my weight a while ago... of well, at this rate I'll be able to do it once I come back to Canada and are able to traing regularly again (because the weight IS packing on!! arrgghhh!!). The yoga teacher is a beautiful, hippie, 59 yrs olf (60 on June 6) Thai ladie with long plack dreads and a lovely attitude. She does a Hata yoga that sounds like it's leaning toward power yoga, which is great! I can totally see why Aliya would love it, and it's a definite GREAT combo with kickboxing.
Well, that's that for that, more news whenever!

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