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Written on June 5...

Alright, last day in Thailand, and with some feet problems, I'm "stuck" walking as little as possible (too bad, it means that I won't see the Palace and a large Buddha...). Anyway, it's a great time to update the blog and pics and stuff.

First of all, someone told me that I make travelling seem easy (I actually get that often - that I make things look easy...weird!). Just to put things in perspective, travelling IS easy, except for the annoyances that keep creeping up. For example, I gained weight, and it's all fat, no muscle here!, I have had a mild diarreah for...well very long, I got massive food poisoning once, I may have a mild attack of fungus on my back (from the humidity) and for the past 4 days, my feet have been looking like those of a grand-mother (swollen at the ankles and the top of the feet). And I'm not alone, almost every other traveller has had some sort of mild or more severe disease that they carry around for a while (i.e pneumonia or nausea) and don't really get checked unless it gets worst. I got my feet checked because I could hardly walk and a turtle would have won a race against me. Turns out I have got an inflammation (rhumatisms or something like that) from the skipping at kickboxing ! Yay! F'in sucks to get old!!! So now I have to take a pill before meals and 2 after meals for another 2 days! I hadn't felt old in a while, but it really hit me when the doctor told me about rhumatism!!! and now the pills don't help (the feeling that is, they helped my feet tremendously! They are almost back to normal size after only 1 day of treatment! So that's that, travelling is easy, just not always that fun, and clearly hard on the body!

Back to funner topics (because the fun still outweights the bad), I will certainly miss Thailand. I realized that I had fallen in love with it on the local bus that I took to get back from Mae Hong Son to Pai, on the way to Chang Mai and BKK. I was the only white, sitting with all the locals -so friendly-, with gorgeous scenery, fresh air and just plain overall niceness.... If I ever was to move to Thailand, the north would certainly be where I'd want to live...ahhh

Alright, pic time:
This is the gym where I did kickboxing, such a great place, fresh air, mountains, breze, severe attacks of rhumatism...Aliya is still training there for a couple more weeks I believe.

Me with my favorite fruit in the world! I misst it already (not so available down here, but mango is a suitable replacement! hehehe)

This fig was picked while we were rafting. The guide pointed at a tree and told us it was a fig tree (they grow on the trunk, as opposed to branches, I wish I had been able to take a pic), so of course I said that I loved figs (deh!!! hehehe) and he sent the other guide to go pick some! yay, fresh off the tree. They were not as good (not as sweet) as I expected, but still nice.

That's the waterfall that looks puny for the front (as you can see), but has great pools at the back. I'm in there if you can see me.

This was the walk to and from the tiger cave, bamboo forests are THE BEST! I will definitely plant bamboo in my garden one day (they actually grow in Vancouver, I doubt it'd survive in Qc...)

This is a great display of how impossible (for me at least) it is to gracefully climb on an elephant ! hehehe


Me_and_Ali.._river2.jpg After the "frolicking in the river" bout.

On the topic of elephants, I forgot to mention that on our day visiting the surroundings of Mae Hong Son on the motorbike, we came to this:
Elephants on the road!!!!!!! They weren't wild (had the chain on the ankle that normally ties them to a pole), but were definitely alone. I wonder if they got loose or if they were just allowed to walk around freely...another question that will remain unanswered... Anyway, they actually stayed on the road for a good 3-4 minutes, just sort of looking at us looking at them, trumpeded a little (aka made the whoooeeww noise), had a pee and took off on the other side of the road....wow, that was quite the thing and a tad bit scary. I kinda know what to do if I come across a bear, or even a moose, but not an elephant! hehehe

A couple of pics of the longneck ladies and big ears. They actually live inthe same village (big ears have a large silver ring in their earlobes)
That little girls actually told me "ok, now buy" after I took this pic! hehehe, they are not very good as I felt pretty bad taking them for some reason..once again, that "animals at the zoo" feeling


Let's conclude with a couple of things of daily life here in BKK.
This first pic of a shop selling polos and all kinds of yellow shirtswhich the majority of Thais wear (specially on Mondays) to celebrate the king. They have the royal (I assume) emblem on them. Actually, a lot lot lot of professions/groups of people wear uniforms here, whether it's the students in school, or many young girls with a white blouse, black knee-lenght fitted skirt or other women in blue and white pants and tops combo. I don't know what these two last uniforms are for but I see people wearing them everywhere.

There is also a clear obsession with white skin here, whit most products adversitins whitener (face cream, deodorant, etc). I had to take a pic of this one though, as it's something I had never even considered as potentially being a concern!
Now that I think about it, my nipples are a little on the brown side! hehehe gees something else to dislike about my body!!! hehehe (just kidding!)

Let's conclude with another couple of realities, this pic was taken in the north, where everyone (it seems) works in or owns a rice field.

And finally, a pretty flower!
In Laos, lotus flower sees are a yummy snack item. I had it and it's not bad at all! I haven't seen it Thailand, so I guess people prefer to let them bloom here....

Well, that's was the last entry for Thailand! Next news from India ! (haaaa!)

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