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Written on July 9...

Finally some pics!!!


This is a brief view of the old city of Jodhpur, which is within the walls of the Fort (following pics). The blue houses are from a tradition where the Brahmins (religious cast) could paint their houses blue. Now many people also do it as this colour is thought to have "insect repellent" properties, as well as keeping the houses cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (it's magic! hehehe)

The following pics are of the fort, which is where the Maharajat of the area has lived (and still does) for centuries. The site had an audio tour (when you wear the little earphones and press on a number when you get to a dedicated station) which was absolutely wonderful! It was the best tour (after the Taj) that I've even done!




Interesting story, about opium... In the West, we often think that they smoked it (and/or some derivative of weed) in their long decorated pipes. Well, it turns out that they actually smoked scented tobacco, and drank opium tea instead. ahhh, it's in line with what a French guy had told me in Laos..except that he ate his opium instead of drinking it...

Back to Jodhpur, here are a couple of the paintings found in my room..so pretty! I must admit that I haven't seen that in any other place yet, but it seems to be typical fo Rajasthan (the province)



First of all, the train was delayed by almost 4 hours, due to heavy rain in Mumbai (where it started). I was taking it from Jaipur to Jodhpur. So instead of arriving around 7-8pm, we arrived at 11pm (I try to never arrive anywhere at night, as everything costs more - rickshaws, hotel rooms, just overall trouble). Luckily, the hotel guy had offered to arrange with a rickshaw to pick me up. I must admit that it felt great to have someone ask me "Are you Mimi?" when I arrived (I was already busy escaping other drivers) and drive me to the hotel, where a room was waiting. Now, the room was clearly not in the price range I had asked for (200-300R), but it was so pretty and clean that I decided to stay there the night (it turned out to be 400R -pretty typical hotel scam, reserve a room at a certain price, but if you show up late, it's bound to be gone, and they give you a costlier room). Oh well, I switched rooms the following day, but at least got these great pics! hehehe

To conclude with the pics (I've only taken very few since buying the new card)

This is a pretty typical sight in Rajasthan, a camel pulling a trolley or some sort. Unfortunately, I was not able to go on a camel ride, as it rained and killed the day. This also prevented me from going to the city of Jasailmer, which is apparently very very pretty... too bad, I will need to come back to India!!

In an effort to show a bit of the colours...
This was taken in Delhi, on my arrival at 8am. A spice market.

Taken from the train, ladies walking on the tracks...

A regular occurence: an entire family "assaulting" me. It always happens the same, they all come up to me, only 1 speaks english and they ask the same questions as everyone else... Generally they ask for pics, and I have to sit through 5-6, with different members of the family, so this time I turned things around and asked to take a pic to show you the colours these women wear, but they put the kids in front, covering themselves a bit too much unfortunately... Men wear very "regular' boring clothes, but women, all throughout India so far, wear these wonderful colours! I wish we could do the same in Canada...
The dress code is generally one of two things: the sari, and the salawaar camise...I didn't buy a sari, but bought and wore quite a bit, the salawaar camise...which you san see in this (very bad) couple of pics! hehehe



People really liked that I was wearing that, as I think it showed respect. I got told over and over again that I was very pretty in it (pat on my back! hehehe)...Now that I see those pics, it just kinda looks silly, but "when in Rome, live as the Romans" and It's actually quite comfy!

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