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Pics finally?? NOT!

Still in HK

Written in Sat Feb 24.
I'm so frustrated with this whole "downloading pics from my camera" thing. Back home, on 2 different computers, all I had to do was to plug-in my camera, and the PC detected it as a "foreign objects". I could then click on "My computer", whatever drive my camera was, and see my pics. Simple enough. Here, I did the same procedure, the computer prompted (aka forced) me to download the driver for the camera, which I did, but now the only way I have to view them is via this "Imaging" program (I plug the camera in and Imagnig opens up). It's so cumbersome and a pain it's unbelievable. If I retrieve more than 1 pic, I can only save them in .tiff (and it hasn't worked so far, it takes forever and gives me a "not responding" error!) If I save 1 pic only, it works but then Imaging shuts down after finishing saving it and I need to turn my camera off and on again to get the whole process started again...it doesn't make sense! ARRGGHHH! With all of this, even with the camera plugged-in, it doesn't appear in "My computer" and I seem stuck using this stupid Imaging program. Anyone has any suggestions???? I'll wait a couple of days and if you concurr that this si the only way, I'll get started, but will only post a minimum of pics (it's SUCH a pain!!!!!!!)

Today I've reached the point where I'm ready to go. I've seen everything I wanted, including a beach yesterday which reminded me that this is what's waiting for me in a few days only (along with warmer weather - I hope!!!). So if you ever plan to come to HK, plan for at least 5 days, and ideally for 9-10, as it's enough to "soak up" the place without rushing or reaching a point where I'm at. I'm not going to try to change my flight however, as there are only 3 days left...
I should really start taking notes, as when things happen I think that I'm going to tell you about them, but now that I'm sitting here, not much comes to mind...bummer!
I'm still having a good time, meeting a lot of new people (the rotation of people in hostels is incredible!). I'm back to the first hostel in Kowloon which is better as pretty much everything is opened here (the vast majority of shops and stores are closed in other parts of HK for the week of New Year) and Monday marks the "return to work and school" for everyone else.
The weather is cold (well, 15-20celcius) and rainy, so it kinda sucks and makes me the more anxious to leave for a sunny destination. Yesterday morning was the first sun that we have had in a while, and it looked warm, so put on a skirt and decided to go to Lantau Island, where there is a giant Buddha (35 meters high) and some other attractions. It's approx 30 mins away, and one can go via MTR (subway) or boat. I took the boat to go and by the time I got there, the sun had gone and it was guite windy.
At first I went walking through this little somewhat rural village and life was good until a little girl riding on a bike with her dad passed me. The girl (she was probably 4-5yrl old) asked her dad, in english - which surprised me and caught my ear - "dad, why is the woman wearing a skirt?" I didn't hear the dad's answer. Until that point, I was fine with my knee-lenght skirt, but I suddlenly felt very self conscious, but way too far to return to the hostel to get changed, so I decided to go on with my day, wonderng if I was breaking some kind of rule...No need to mention that I noticed I was THE ONLY ONE not wearing pants all day. Later on, I was walking along a path around the Big Buddha when I passed an old chinese couple. The woman giggled and said "somebody's hot today" !!!!!!! I blushed heavily and didn't turn around. In retrsopect, I think that there's a chance she said something in chinese and I just processed it in english in my mind...but I doubt it!! It is very rare to hear chinese people talking english around here, so I normally notice when it happens! hehehe, well, at least I wasn't breaking any tradiitonal rule, I just looked funny because they considered it too cold to wear a skirt (that's my interpretation of the whole thing!) hehehe, it reminded me of guys who wear shorts and sandals in the middle of winter in Vancouver. I used to wonder why...but maybe they're just from another country!! hehehe ;-)
I also went to get a hair cut yesterday. It's quite short now, but I'
m quite satisfied with the result, specially considering that they barely spoke any english where I went (hehehe, I got a bit nervous at one point, but it's all good!). It'll make maintenance A LOT simpler and I was always wearing my hair in a ponytail anyway (due to lack of hair dryer), so I think it looks better overall. It'll be for you to decide (and keep your opinion to yourself if you don't like it! hehehe) when I finally take the several hours I feel it's going to take to get some pics on here!
Hope all is well at your end!

Posted by Mistrale 23:20

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