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Written on July 10...

I just made it to Spain this morning, after a wonderful flight (got upgraded to business class), thanks to the guy beside me. As we were about to take off, the stewartist came to him and said he could move up (Anthony -the guy beside me- had apparently made him laugh by saying "welcome to civilization" as we walked ont he plane...hehehe whatever works! hehehe). Since we had been chatting, I asked if I could go with him, and the stewartist said yes!!! yay!! SO we ended up talking and drinking (moderatly, only 2 bottles of red wine -airplane size- each) until 5am (the plane took off at 2:10am).
First things first, important detail about the airport. My cousin Rafale had mentioned this a long time ago, but I had sort of forgotten, until I got to the entrance door to the airport, only to find a significant line-up! It turns out that they check the passports and tickets of people before letting anyone in the airport...maybe to reduce the traffick inside (it´s quite crammed in there), maybe for security against terrorism... I´m not sure. Anyway, I´m not sure if I mentioned this, but I had read in Lonely Planet that women could bypass line-ups to buy tickets at the train station simply by walking at the front of the line and taking the next available spot...so I tried my luck and just walked straight pass the line (at least 20-25 people) and just gave my passport and ticket to the army guy as soon as he had his hands free...and it worked! hehehe, no one complained at all and I saved a good 30-40 minutes waiting! hehehe, gotta love India!!! I also saved a shite load of time by having checked-in online (thank you British Airway for this wonderful option!), as the line-up for the 1 “regular” check-in counter was just out of this world. Instead I got to check-in at the very quick “First class” counter! Hehehe good times!
The plane left on time (shock of all shocks!!! I´m not used to this anymore- at all!!) and was pleasantly reminded of the joys of developped countries while waiting in London for my connexion to Madrid. Madrid is pretty darn good so far! It´s clean, smells good, is quiet (guess what we don´t hear: people honking!!! wow!), good food (a bit pricey, but it´s Europe! So to be expected!)
I do have one very major complaint however....it hit me as soon as I walked in the airport in Madrid....everyone here speaks Spanish )deh! you´ll say).... I don´t know if it´s just because I´m so tired (I only slept 3 hours last night, and not very comfortably), but I´m oh so tired of being in countries that don´t speak my language!!! This is the 6th so far... and I think it´s worst because it´s somewhat close, but still oh so different, that it´s even more frustrating (as opposed to any of the other languages which had nothing at all, written or spoken, inc ommon with anything I knew)...so I don´t think I´ll bother going to Barcelone (combined with the fact that it´s oh so far away and out of my way). I think I´ll stay in Madrid 1 more day, then off to San Sebastian/Pamplona for 3 nights, then up to France, where people finally speak the same language as me!!! (albeit with a very weird accent, but still!) I can´t wait!!!!
Gotta go,

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