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Last thoughts on San Sebastian

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Written on July 15...

Well, I must admit that I can´t wait to go. My train is at 4:40 tonight, and I feel like I should have left yesterday..oh well! Everything is closed today (Sunday) and restaurants actually charge 30-50%more than on week-days!!! Already that one has to pay 10-30%extra to sit on the patio, but add another 1/3-1/2 and it's just completely out of this world!!! I will want to come back to Spain, but only when I have shite loads of disposable income!!! I´m afraid I´ll share the same feeling for the rest of my trip...

So anyway, I´ve tried the famous tapas..and they’re good..but once again, I’m price stuck. Essentially, each bar puts out these finger food (mostly slices of baguette with some pate and or some stuffed peppers and or some proschutto, ham and/or other meat), you choose the ones you want (cost between 1.5E to 3.5E ea), have a beer or some drink and eat standing up somewhere in the bar…I had 3 things and 1 beer and it cost me almost 10E (!!!) If I didn´t care about $$, I´d love the concept (the food is actually quite good and it´s fun to try different things!).
Here are a couple of pics of the displays.


Other than that, I must admit that I feel like I´m in neverending Old Quebec! I now very much understand what Europeans meant when they would tell me how similar it is (back when I worked in the Old Qc)…except for the fact that everyone only speaks Spanish! Hehehe, I can´t wait to get to France!!!!
Here are a few pics…

That statue at the very left is a statue of Jesus...



San Sebastian is also known to be one of the best beaches in Europe…I though of going until I actually walked there and saw people were crammed like sardines!! I need a good 4-5feet space around me at the beach to be fully comfortable..I think I would have been lucky to have a couple of inches on that beach! Hehehe


Oh well! No biggie..I had my load of beaching in Thailand. Furthermore, I must admit that I feel quite inadequate here..on the clothing and fashion sense (it doesn’t help that my bathing suit got washed with something red and now had uneven red dye all over the bottom part!!)… Everyone is dressed very well, and with more or less good taste, but always very sexy…I really don´t have the right wardrobe for here, cruelly miss my hair dryer (for the first time so far in this trip!), some perfume, and wish I knew how to properly apply eye make-up!. Oh well, I hope that it´ll be different in France, but I doubt it. Hehehe, I expected it, but not to that extent!

Oh well….that´s that for me for now! I must decide if I want to spend 10E on more tapas (and still be hungry, or 17E for some paella (which I was told is not the best in San Sebastian, better in some other region of Spain, or buy yet another supermarket pizza to heat up at the hostel...)

More from Bordeaux, which I chose to visit solely on the fact that they make wine there! :-)

P.S: The weather is gorgeous, and it's currently 32celcius, but it still feels a tad chilly to me..the wind is omnipresent and quite cool...

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