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Written on August 2nd...
Ah finally August, and thus the completion of this trip...I'm anxious to be able to settle somewhere, even if it's only at my mom's (not my own space yet, but close enough), and be able to unpack and relax for a while. I look forward to home-cooked meals, to spending a day (or many days) in my pjs reading in the garden or watching TV... I look forward to my shoes, necklaces, varied clothes, jeans (!!!), hairdryer... I look forward to picking up exercice again, to sleeping-in without guilt, to reconnecting with old friends, to not have to worry about my next load of laundry and mostly to preparing the next phase of my life (the dreaded for most, but anticipated for me, return to school)...

I had been feeling like this pretty much since arriving in Europe, but living at Julien's in Paris, and now Maëlle (the famous -and oh so nice and helpful! "friend of a friend" hehehe) here in Grenoble is only exhacerbating this feeling. Being able to buy food and keep it in a fridge, cook a meal and eat it in nice clean plates, keep left-overs and eat them the following day, be the (almost) only one to use a bathroom/shower, quietness, cozyness... ahhhh. It also doesn't help that the vegetation here in grenoble strangely resembles that of Vancouver (blackberry bushes, a kind of hedge tree that I dont' know the name but is everywhere in Van, nice fresh air, gorgeous mountains...ahhh how I miss Vancouver....snif snif)

On a brighter note, Maëlle has unveiled a bit the "mysteries" of French eating (my favorite sport in the whole wide world!! hehehe), how to choose the cheese, eat it with bread and wine (at the end of a meal), different kinds of cheese (how I LOVE cheese!!). I've loved every kind I've tried so far except for the Roquefort (aka blue cheese), which is awful and soo strong! yak!!. Tonight we'll be having a maigret de canard... not sure what to expect, but I know it'll be good! Not eating red meat is a bit of a pain for her (the French are NOT veg'ies), but I think she's being very nice and accomodating about it and I try to help as much as I can around her place. It's SOOO great to be in a home, SOOO great!!

The city of Grenoble is mainly a student city, with several lycés and Uniersity, lots of research and stuff here. it gives the city a great feel, combined witht he gorgeous mountain scenery. I'll post pics soon and comment then.

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