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The Peak -HK best attraction

On a clear sunny day/night only

Written on Sunday Feb 25...
Well, didn't think I'd write again, but why not!
Today was great, I went to "The Peak", which is essentially a tourist resort at the top of one of the highest mountains in HK, with an incredible view. I took some pics which you might get the privilege of seeing if I can beat this computer into submission. You can get up there via a bus or a tram, I took the tram to go up (reaches an angle of 45degrees) and the bus to go down (a windy road) and it was pretty cool. There's also a walk around the top of the mountain (took me approx 1 hour) on a "road", which exists since the 1800. It's less than 2 meters wide, which made sense "back then" when they used rigkshaws (or is it rigshaws...?) to get around, but now it's comical. At the time, it apparently required 8 different men to get to the top (I imagine in kinda of a relay-race). It's still being used by the few residents on that road (I saw cars parked in alleys) and the view/vegetation is absolutely gorgeous...talk about the life of the rich and famous! They've since build a second "much larger" 2 way road, for us common mortals. So it's a definite reccomend if you come to HK and only have a few hours/a day, as long as the weather cooperates, otherwise it'd be very ordinary.

As a self-respectable tourist attraction, restaurants and shops up there are GROSSLY overpriced, so I ended-up at McDOnalds (they're everywhere here). Wanting to try something "local", I opted for their "Chicken Fan-tastik". The picture looked like a kinda whole-wheat, maybe onion bun, with a chicked breast, lettuce and red cabbage. My opions with that were corn (like canned corn), pineapple or fries. I safely opted for the fries. So I get to my seat, open the said burger wrapping only to find 3 patties, 2 made of somewhat sticky rice and brown pieces, acting as the bread over the chicken....hmmm weird... I read the box and there it was: "deliciously roasted mushrooms mixed with rice"...these were my bread.... Not bad, but not good. It felt kinda Atkins, except that it was rice... Now I think I'll try a McDonalds in every country I go, something "local", just to see what they come up with (so far, pretty original!).
Well, there's a line-up for the computer, so that's that for that!

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